What is it? Transport Scotland, more like Transport halted Scotland. The whole of the central belt ground to a halt yesterday through the major routes, one of which, the A80, is at least 10 years delayed in it's bringing to construction. The usual professional tongue flappers started to blame, surprise weather, jack knifed trucks etc etc. Anyway the media allowed a voice to all those with an opinion and are the now non travelling public furious? you better believe it ! and furious at the excuses and comments like "first rate effort". What did that fiasco cost yesterday to businesses and Scotland's reputation. Can you imagine the reaction to yesterdays motorways becoming vehicle parks, to say a Canadian, Swedish or any company thinking of investing in Scotland's central belt? We slyly  grin when a pile of snow lands in SE England, our hubris on these occasions should make us reflect on how important our infrastructure is and how our capitalism has driven our political leaders (another oxymoron?) to contract out trunk road maintenance. Even without the winter the system is not working, look at the time in years to fix both trunk and county roads within the present budgets, its decades, and it will get worse under the new budget restraint caused by ? you know who, the bankers. Oh there will be plenty of talking, committees set up, opinions from motorist bodies, and bluff and bluster, but the best thing that can happen from yesterdays national embarrassment  is that our government will realise that our infrastructure is key to all our lives, and needs more investment not cut back and contracted out. as a PS why don't all trucks operating in the UK have anti-jacking devices? why do we accept that they just do it when they need not? http://www.freepatentsonline.com/3989268.html http://www.roadtransport.com/blogs/big-lorry-blog/2010/03/truck-anti-jack-knife-video-cl.html and finally a good listen to get a flavour from the tax paying travelling public http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00wck5s/Call_Kaye_07_12_2010/

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  1. December 8, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Some basic rules should come into play in these conditions. Artics should not be allowed on the motorway network unless they have snowchains fitted. All artics should be restricted to the slow lane (in my opinion this should be the rule at anytime of the year at Harthill!). The two problem areas on the A8/M8 should have “snow gates” – eastbound at Newhouse and westbound at Harthill. Police could close off these sections to allow Transport Scotland to clear any snow/ice before they get clogged up with abandoned cars etc. This approach worked recently on the Forth Road Bridge. Two or three hours delay well advertised would be better than the horrendous delays encountered by the hundreds (possibly thousands)this week. And another thing – why do snow ploughs drive up and down our roads with their blades up and spreading salt that does not work in very low temperatures? It appears that very little attempt is actually made to remove snow from our roads which then eventually freezes to something resembling a ploughed field. Hard pressed resources need to be better used and organised.

  2. Ian December 12, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Sunday 12 Dec, and a resignation, may I say a “first class response”

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