I have a Skoda Octavia estate L & K,  bought from Thompson and Potter in Burrelton. My wife has a Skoda Fabia SDI whose wipers packed in about the 8th of  Dec, wipers are fiddly but can usually be DIY fixed.  So what do you check first? the fuse, I downloaded the fuse box positions and they were the same as the Haynes manual. It is a 20 amp fuse not a mini blade, so I checked all the 20 amps, and they were OK. That in itself seems troublesome as it points to the motor or the relay. So go for the motor, I get it out eventually and check the voltage to the supply, of four terminals, one has 4.5 volts, strange if the fuse is OK, so it's the relay, but I'll cut a long list of swear words short by telling you there is no relay, but what is called a X contact relief relay, a printed circuit. I know because I unearthed it under the dash, where the published relays are supposed to be.  Much internet work occurs visiting forums to locate the relay as I have taken the motor cover off and it looks OK and by applying 12 v to the motor it happily turns, where are the relays? A chance conversation with my neighbour points me to the fusible links on the battery, ah ha, one has gone and neighbourly, he has one. Replacement of the fusible link brings a parking only response to the motor. I had previously phoned Thompson and Potter about where are the relays and the promised phone call back, never happened. Why, there are none. So I have a working fuse and a fusible link, no relay and no working wipers, this is four days later. The reason for this post is about forums, the skoda forums were next to useless and in pursuing calls to the dealer I got past the service manager to a vehicle technician who enlightened me about the fuse location, entirely wrong, on downloads and the Haynes manual. It's a 10 amp mini fuse and it was blown, I replaced it and the wipers worked. I would like to thank Thompson and Potter for their confused but latterly precise advice and my local garage for pulling off the recalcitrant wipers from their stalks. I should post this on a skoda forum but they can get on with their posts about wheels and how their headlights look. Haynes manuals, don't believe all you read ! and check all the fuses.

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