Well here is the update from my previous post on buyer beware on buying car insurance. Here's the summary, did not receive new proposal one month before renewal date, did not realise we had automatic renewal, did not know we had re insured a car we nearly had sold until I noticed the bank statement, had a phone barney, followed up by diatribe letters (from me) So had £269 taken from my account and was given back £131 for the pleasure of insuring a car for 14 days, or less depending on the date the insurance was cancelled. I have already complained to my bank that they released my money without my consent, I signed no direct debit nor was it on my DD list on internet banking. Anyway they were very nice but nebulous about money recovery. So now I'm going to the FSA ombudsman with a compliant of over charging on cancelled policies. The companies are so confident of their small print they even give you a booklet on how to complain, well of course they have to, but you can bet their butts are covered. But if we don't complain how can the system change? Don't walk like an Egyptian, think like one. Oh and to remind you of the usurping company, it was quote mart, no doubt a front for a cuddly insurance company. If your house is likely to fill with locusts and they offer the best policy, forget it,  just fry the locusts.

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  1. May 3, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I too have the same issue, how did you get on with the FSA ombudsman?

    Would be very keen to hear back from you.

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