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Inspired by Ladys return to Loch of the Lowes, I set out on the 2/4/11 to visit my local nest. On the 3/4/10 both birds had returned. My expectant telescope viewed no birds and the "lawn" on the nest was as I had seen it last week. So not too dismayed as the wind had been not favourable for migration I went to the estuary hoping to spot a perched Osprey. Gulls, swans and teal, Oh and the usual shelduck. Half an hour passed and I moved nearer the Osprey nest and from eye sight saw a white blob, the telescope revealed an Osprey. This bird had not been here long, the nest grass was untouched and she/he was looking around and sheltering from the blustery wind. Had this bird just arrived? I rather think so. After 15 mins of watching, hoping I could see if the bird was ringed, I moved and scanned the estuary again. Telescoping the nest after scanning the estuary the Osprey had moved on to the nest and was starting some home building, this was mainly lying on her/his chest and using the talons to scrape the copious lawn, she/he did do a bit of chicken type scraping but just the once. This was desultory action and I'm off to Cornwall for a week so can' t spent too much time bird watching. I did spot a heron, incubating, not unusual, and my son informed me of a buzzards nest with voluble chicks, blooming early buzzards. No chiffchaffs heard but the great spotted woodpecker was never far away, not drumming but cheeping.

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