Drove 9.5 hours on Saturday from Cornwall, had to watch the Malaysian GP on Sunday 10th April, then the Ospreys. Female was around on the lawn cropped nest but not incubating, no sign of a partner on first half hour viewing. She flew from the nest and I thought she was off to grab a branch/stick but she circled like a Buzzard and did a circle over my head. my new canon EOS 550 D with a 55 to 250mm lens came in handy as I took a few shots. I had taken a few shots of a buzzard just minutes before so the silhouette shots will be a good comparator for new birders. That is if I can ever figure out how to jpeg a raw 18 mega pixel shot to Kbits to put on here. The tide was out on the estuary and i spotted an Osprey some distance away, I also after about an hours scanning got a female marsh harrier with no wing tags fly up the estuary with at one point a determined crow in pursuit. The harrier did not linger but flew up the estuary. Herons were feedingĀ  juvs that looked far from just hatched they were sitting up and bill stroking the parents for food. Anyway through the warm spring sunshine haze that my telescope magnifies, I definitely saw two wobbly chick heads and maybe bill stroking. I am not familiar with herons so must look up feeding in herons. Also in view were swallows obviously in migrating mode flying up the estuary, not many, perhaps a dozen. After a two hour bird watch I returned to view the Ospreys, and indeed the plural was needed as I was watching a pair, him with a fish feeding, she on the nest waiting. Chiffchaffs were calling, and the wood floor was covered with lesser celandine, what a nice couple of hours birding.

2 Responses to “Osprey diary 2011, 2”

  1. April 28, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Great pics Ian, try e mailing the big ones to yourself, you get the option to save as… Use Jpeg and save the attachment when you get it.

  2. Ian April 28, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    tks Len, I have decided I don’t have a camera but a computer with a lens up front!!

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