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April 17th, mid morning as another GP clashes with birding!! Female now sitting/incubating? all very quiet in the exceptionally warm spring sunshine. Plenty of swallows around now and no geese. I spotted the male Osprey after about an hour, after I moved and returned, sitting on a fence post eating, he had his back to me so could not see the extent of brown on his chest, looked a very pale brown did this bird, new male? Need to try and spot the leg rings or lack of them as the opportunity arises. Did not have more than 10 mins harrier watching as a rare member of the public crashed through the woods behind me in well dressed pub clothes and clutching an already half full bottle of Buckie. He was having a morning rambling? clearly had an affinity with the country particularly birds of prey, if we meet while he's doing community service. I profess this happening,   I might be able to reinforce his country love to more enlightened ones rather than his kicking the Osprey's nest tree. He was kicking the wrong  tree, and if he had approached the correct tree the bird would have taken flight and I would have heard the distress calls. I naturally had to warn him about disturbance of schedule 1 species. I got his life history, in Stings words, he stills knows nothin bout me. He was Rambling on. spotted this wee flower, which I should have remembered but didn't cuckoo flower, why?, or lady's smock

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  1. Ian April 18, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Saw plenty of Geese near Loch Leven (Fife) today so over lapping with the swallows as usual

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