Still geese around, I reckon that there are in excess of 500 pinkfeet in the pics, note the heron nests in pic 2. Easter Sunday and I was out by 7.30 am, the osprey was sitting with head erect with no sign of the male. An assumption they had not swapped over. It was my intention to spend most of my time trying to determine where the Marsh harriers were nesting this year so I left the Osprey to wait for himself with a fish and I wandered over the wet grass to my estuary spot. The best way to spot harriers is to use binoculars to scan a large area then when spotted use the scope. I had a female with a left wing tag in about 10 mins, I put the scope on her and she turned near upside down to threaten the pesky crow on her tail and dropped into the reeds. Now had she gone to ground to a nest site or to rid herself of the crow? I watched for 10mins and she never emerged, so I used the binos and scope for about 40 mins with no action. Then on the far bank I spotted a female harrier in a tree, luckily she took off within mins so I followed her and noted no wing tags, her flight was not full blown hunting and after flying about 500m I saw her lower her legs and swoop around/into a tree. Good I thought going to grab a stick so I should spot the nest site. Wrong, another female (with wing tags) was in the tree and proceeded to chase her off up river to where she had come. I spotted a male during this chase but he did not get involved. The pursuing female at a point just wheeled and back tracked, this is when two birders are handy, following both birds. I chose the wing tagged female and she dropped into the reeds into a place now memorised by dead trees and what's on the horizon. In this case the ever present tele-com masts. She never moved from there for 10 mins so binos again and this time scoped the male hunting, I watched till he moved from my frame, just fantastic birds to watch. During all this heard chiffchaffs, willow warblers and sedge warblers, and to my surprise a green woodpecker, great spotted woodpeckers are always heard usually cheeping sometimes drumming, but the Yaffle was a nice addition today. I wound my way home down the tractor track with confetti from the wild cherry blossom strewn in celebration at my feet.

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