The friendly Isle, my third business visit, this time with our buyer. He was impressed with the island, the people and the food. We stayed at the Glenorchy hotel which for a Lerwick base is just the best value. Best restaurant found so far is Montys, in Montgomery street and a short walk from the Glenorchy. The Glenorchy hasĀ  a Thai slant to food and also has a good restaurant, it is in a quiet place just off the town centre and parking is easy. Norman, our buyer was impressed with the neatness and tidiness of the supplier's premises and quarries, he, by commenting on it made me take notice of the buildings the lack of litter and the good state of the roads etc. You cannot get away from describing the Shetlands as open moorland meeting the sea, it is not for people who need a M&S store round the corner. In a strange way it reminds me of Hong Kong, the shipping, the nearness of the sea and the fact that if you wanted something fabricated, particularly in metal, then use the directory and phone. I have said it before and I repeat it here, there is a "can do" ethic on the Shetlands and it benefits us, the incomers, who have to start construction on a major project, the infrastructure to the Shetlands gas plant.

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