Apr 2nd by Ian under Bird Watching

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While on a business trip to the Shetlands on my own, I had a hopeful itinerary which did not transpire leaving me some time to explore. Explore both where we have to set up to build the infrastructure for the new gas plant and parts of the island more remote than I previously seen. That was the insides of hotels and restaurants ! I knew that Shetland had a major portion of the Scottish breeding red throated divers, but I did not expect to see them on lochs from the road, two separate lochs, two separate birds!! fantastic. Not sure whether they will breed on those lochs right by the road, they do tolerate a bit of intrusion (I read). My sightings of red throated divers before was a breeding pair on a small lochan way up in the hills near loch Maree, and a lone individual in breeding plumage on Lewis. If I was to look for some in Perthshire I would have to tramp hill, dale and mire. Away from divers, fulmars nest on road cuttings, ravens croak in most areas, lapwings do exactly that, curlews and oyster catchers are verbal and common. I need to see my first Whimbrel and where better than Shetland. I am set to go back, just for two years. How will I cope 🙂

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