Behind our offices is waste land. Not covered in waste, just not fully usable by humans. It has an old railway and a few paths through it, I should say it is flat and boggy, not peat boggy just very wet silty clay boggy. However like much, left alone to nature land, every spare  square metre has nature, being a birder I have taken much delight in listening and watching whitethroats in this favourable, to them,  habitat. Last week as I wandered to the snack van to buy bacon rolls I heard my first chiffchaff of 2011. A few days later I heard the sound of a tree shredder, (not a bird!) this site clearance is being done before the bird breeding season, in order not to disturb them. Well it blooming well will disturb them when their silver birch,  bramble  and wet land is transformed into a landscape's architects helical world of imported Chinese granite. No doubt the environmental statement has the impacts as slight. This is biodiversity land being wasted. Dear Falkirk council yours annoyed and I took my first trip on the Falkirk wheel last week, designed by RMJM and built by Butterly Engineering, naw it wisnae, it was built by Morrison Construction, get your facts right Falkirk council. The wheel was designed by RMJM ( with Morrison and Butterly input) and the whole project was a Morrison Construction one. Dear Falkirk council yours annoyed

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