740 miles from home to Kidderminster and back, to pick up the FWD from Dynatest  where it's poor near broken back had to be welded. Unlike my friend Len, who would snort with derision that a round trip of such length is to be approached with plentiful good sleep and a crate of red bull on the passenger seat, I set off with a crate of red bull in the passenger seat. So with a bit of pre-planning I had both the very expensive apple earphones and the said ipod too, this in anticipation of turning off the Freelanders radio and navigation system that directs you only to Airdrie,  and when radio Scotland goes fussy in Cumbria. Radio Scotland went fussy at Gretna and I had had enough of Bin Ladin and how he died or was he dead? Of course he's bloody dead. Right, here's the point of this post, knowing I had a mindless amount of the M6 to travel I fired up an audio book on the Ipod by Stephen Fry, the Hippopotamus, which my deluded brain thought was a short story when I downloaded it for less than a fiver some months ago. What a delight when I arrived at Kidderminster with most of the story still to tingle the neurons of a would be bored brain. The Hippopotamus is ribald, educative (for many spurious words), a  sumptuously  sofa filling  good listen to, especially when Stephen Fry not only has written it but reads it to you. I cannot highly praise audiobooks more for long distance driving, what do truckers listen too?

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