Observations over two days ending Sunday 1/5/11 Pinkfoot geese still around, counted 100 odd flighting to the water, there is a good east wind blowing, you would have thought they would be off. No Green woodpecker this weekend but as ever heard the GS variety, not drumming, just "cheeping". Sedge warblers now joining chiffchaffs and willows, think I heard a blackcap but not familiar enough with their song, no sign yet of the usual resident whitethroat.  On the Osprey front the male has no leg rings so is a new partner to (the same female?) who knows? Thought he looked different, still very pale on his brown feathers. That nest raised three chicks last year so we wait and see. Whilst watching the Ospreys from about 3 Km away, I noticed a pair of tree sparrows getting in and out of the ospreys eyrie they were getting right into the fabric of the lower eyrie so I suspect a nesting attempt. How do i know they are tree sparrows at that distance? brown head with flash of white below eye, plus I moved much closer and saw the black cheek patch. Ospreys not disturbed by me or the sparrows, naturally. On the Saturday had 10 mins or more of the male marsh harrier flighting over the reed beds, today Sunday had ten seconds of a female but most importantly had the scope on her as she landed in the reed beds, I put the scope to the near further horizon and thanks to chance and good luck the spot of landing was the exact spot from last week , so a nest site. Not the same as last year but this female is different in having no wing tags, despite last week being chased off by a female with tags from much the same location. Who knows, the world of birds is much mysterious and needs more hours than i can devote to understanding them beyond the basics. That's why its so engaging.

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