Whitethroat back in usual place, thought I heard the green woodpecker again but was not "fully listening" as I was watching an Osprey on the nest and large storm clouds approaching. On a fence post was the other Osprey with a trout, so assuming the fence post one was a male I awaited it's delivery to the nest as the trout was really half a trout, and I wanted to see a crossover, male to female.  The Osprey did take off and with pursuing crows swooped towards the nest but landed below the eyrie and out of sight. However after half an hour still no sign of it appearing at the nest. But it did and fishless? that got me thinking as the fishless Osprey had more brown across her chest than the male, so I was about to see a crossover but it was female to male. She stood on the rim of the nest and looked at her partner and then took off, it was high tide and I did not think she was off to bathe as it is much easier to do so at low tide. So another half an hour passes and I see an Osprey approach the nest with binos,  getting my eye to the scope which is focussed on the nest I see the bird arrive but in the split second of doing that the the male Osprey has left the nest on the approach of  the other so all I see is one Osprey arrive at an empty nest. She settles in and I have witnessed my quickest crossover. I hope his quick departure did not damage the eggs. The tree sparrows are definitely making a nest in the eyrie. Heard a Jay as I entered the woods, later saw it discomfit  a buzzard who was in a tree with  wings akimbo, trying to dry them? Did an attempt at marsh harrier watching but ended up under an Oak sheltering from a bout of persistent rain. Duck weather forced me to a retreat and the boisterous bovines in the field were less than accommodating to me, charging en-mass from their own shelter under trees on the far side of the field. They seem to be easily spooked when just out of the winter barn.

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