May 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

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What windy and showery weather, not the best for an Osprey to be born into, but I seriously consider my pair now have chick/chicks. The female is shuffling around and sitting high in the cup, she is also putting her head way down between her legs. Today, Sunday 22nd she had an off the nest surveillance of what was below her whilst having a wing flap, exercise? shedding water? There is no doubt her behaviour has changed. The male also, when a crow landed near the nest site, it was quickly dispatched with some brilliant aeronautics emphasised by the windy conditions. He is more protective. I usually meet no one in my weekender wanderings, this weekend was completely different, Saturday was as normal with only the boisterous bovines bothering me, Sunday had three largish tents in the woods 20m from my spotting spot, I could smell a gone out camp fire, that smokey carbon smell, who were these people? hardly a normal camping place, no beauty spot, and to camp in a wood? very strange. I kept my own counsel and moved off to another spot, I did not want a crowd of curious children asking me what I was doing, I suspect children because of the footprints I walked over before I discovered the camp. As I left on a shortened trip there was not a movement from the campers, clearly not there for the dawn chorus!

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