click on the above to see the key personnel, well minus Mr Jeffrey, who bailed out today. The city of Edinburgh council have gagged the successful contractor Bilfinger Berger, so we will all receive a one sided account, and furthermore TIE have spent 80% of the budgeted sum and are now considering whether to continue with the project or not. WHAT A BLOOMING SCANDAL The Burghers of Edinburgh should be more reactionary and bringing those councillors who voted for this obviously ill thought out scheme to account. At the very least all those who voted for approval of this project should not be returned in elections. No doubt the truth will be the first victim as everyone responsible seeks to distance themselves from the stark reality of money just wasted by incompetence. The plain fact remains, the buses work just fine, and that's just as well, as whatever shape the tram / trams end up as, the buses will still transport the people. The trams project when most of the details are wrung out of the system will be a classic business studies case of how to fail, from conception to inception.

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  1. Ian June 22, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    news today 22/6/11, will cost more to cancel the contract than carry on to the limited scope. My real concern here is decision making, a function most council members and employees avoid. As rightful costs escalate there must be a point where it is cost effective to cancel. If this point was ever known or contemplated, it was ignored or a decision was avoided. Perhaps the contractors were contractually smarter than the client T.I.E and it was more expensive to cancel on day 1. The taxpayers of Edinburgh need to know the truth behind this almighty mess, and vote accordingly

  2. September 8, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    As if one were required, this is another reminder of how not to procure major infrastructure projects, and who not to entrust this process to. Coming within the same city as the last such debacle, being the Scottish Parliament, it serves to illustrate that elected politicians are rarely fit to be put in charge of the taxpayers whom they are elected to represent. Many elementary mistakes were made:
    1. The initial projected total cost, and therefore the budget was fundamentally flawed and thereby unrealistic.
    2. TIE ignored the bleeding obvious in terms of reading the contract.
    3. TIE thought they knew better than one of the largest and most successful contractors in Europe. such success should be measure not only in monetary but also litigation terms.

    It beggars belief that one part of the public purse can be so well protected, ie: the roads network via Transport Scotland and the rest so badly served. None of us particularly like the TS conditions, but i think we would all recognise that they do tend to deliver a good deal for TS and thereby the taxpayer.

    The entire cast of City of Edinburgh Council that had anything to do with the trams should be fired, with no remunerative compensation — hang on, did Ed Balls not try that with Sharon Shoesmith over baby p?

  3. Ian September 8, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Moyn for head of council, lets face it you’ll make more money doing the opposite of what you do now, that is making operational decisions based on facts and logic and doing it safely, plus responding to both positive and negative feedback. On second thoughts you will be completely frustrated and last a month !!

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