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As I entered the wood it was absolutely silent, it was very strange, usually there are feeding parties of tits constantly contact calling, a great spotted woodpecker usually cheeps, a wren explodes his call, nothing, silent. had a sparrow hawk just shot through the wood? don't know. As I left the wood a wood pigeon slapped it's wings on take off and another started cooing. The spell was broken. It wasn't early but there was no wind, or rain, or sunshine, that meant I could take a reasonable picture of the chicks if they were not being… This link to Newsweek Scotland woke me from the reverie of warm downy cosiness, minute 18 to 36 is the poignant part. Nothing less than the downfall of the euro zone. The reason I bring it to your attention it is that I believe it, and I am not so sure why, perhaps it is because I believe politicians (in general) do not understand economics. The non control of the banking system is testimony to even the monetary erudite Mr Brown's failure to understand the system, he understood how to fix it, just as well. But what this 18…
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