After the big garden tidy up, as I had tramped over a metre wide path behind the now repaired fence meant it was 2.00pm before I approached the osprey location. It was warm and I thought she will be off the nest, not brooding , and I will see the two chicks I was now confident she had. She was on the eyrie edge and the chicks were wing stretching and panting a little, as wing parts can become visible when they do this and the other chicks pop up at times you can imagine many chicks being present as body parts show above the rim. So I thought she had three chicks as bits popped up over the rim, then I saw three heads at once, one a bit smaller than the two I counted last week. Good girl, she has three chicks as last year, if indeed it is the same female, I think it is. I left after she finished feeding, she flew off to grab some cup lining, sorted it in the cup and began brooding. Spent some time looking for harriers without success, which is why I missed the male Osprey delivering fish. I did notice that some Canada geese were on the estuary  so presumably they are now resident here where they never were before. I managed to take some pictures of a worn small copper, attached are those plus, some in better condition from 2009, the long grass is festooned with lesser stitchwort, and common vetch with germander speedwell and  Hogwort, but I haven't seen many butterflies this year.

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