Jul 17th by Ian under Bird Watching

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All three chicks are on the wing and as rumoured they have been ringed, the osprey pic is the female on the left and a juv on the right, you can make out the ring on the juvs left leg. I think they have a ring on both legs. All three chicks were on the eyrie when i got there about 9.45, the female was there, then the male arrived and when I was watching the fox in the pics for a good 45 mins only a juv remained on the eyrie, the other four had gone fishing or were perched out of sight, or a combination. The birds do have favoured perches and I saw the juvs using them, slim top most branches of nearby trees, the juvs are not that clumsy either. Guess they must have took to the wing early in the week as they were not flying last week. I reckon that's about 80 days from eggs to flying. The vixen, yes I did see that closely, was in the adjoining field, and with the wind behind me and standing out like a scarecrow, I was certain she would not get close enough for a digiscoping pic. She was very content snuffing around eating beetles, I assume from the jaw movements, and scenting. I wondered if she scented when she found good food, to return to same place?  but I was unsure what was happening. What was happening was her roaming the field eating and scenting. The song thrushes are singing again and I estimated about 20 long tailed tits flew past me from tree to tree, seems like a good year for them. Witnessed a Male Marsh harrier food handover, to juv or female, not the  female spectacularly meeting the male in mid air, he just roamed the reed bed top and a brown object appeared under him, he landed, then within seconds took off. Meant to post last time about a male Pheasant with two juvs, obviously him in charge and the two juvs following, in the same field as the fox was this week. I didn't think male pheasants did juv care?

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