Aug 16th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Adults Ospreys may have gone, did see two juvs on the eyrie, and later one on the eyrie branch, it was making begging calls, but eventually flew off. On scanning the reedbeds I did pick up an Osprey on the other side of the river, one from "my" nest ? who knows. It's time we had bird rings that emitted bar codes that smart phones could pick up, now that would advance bird movement study. No juv or adult harriers in evidence so could also be gone. End of another nesting season, comes round so quickly! however the weather was to say at the least variable but this nest site has yet again been successful, very successful with three chicks raised. This osprey diary will be more fragmented next year as I am off to the Shetlands, but i should, with the block time off,  have more daily observations joined up instead of the weekender blogs.

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