After my first work cycle to the Shetlands, I arrived atĀ  Guild street bus station in Aberdeen and picked up my car that was in the good safe hands of my Daughter. It was 15.00 hrs, as I set off , my tom tom being set by my Daughter as my phone rang when I was attempting it, it was probably set to the shortest route as I got out of the city but found myself on the A944 not the A96, anyway such is life, the A96 my have been faster the A944 was much more scenic. I was in the Inverness office about 18.00 hrs with vital papers (expenses) and was off to Lochaline about 18.30, I drove straight onto the Corran ferry just about to leave at 19.50 it lifted the ramp as I pulled on the handbrake. I sent a message to my wife that I was on the ferry as a meal had beenĀ  prepared and was waiting for me to arrive. Well it was dark, my headlights are xenon and I kinda know the road, my first overtake was the dude in front of me as we turned onto the road to Strontian (and Lochaline)Ā  in first gear off the ferry, I had a few more overtakes in pouring rain and found myself behind a dude who clearly knew the road, excellent! I just followed at safe distance and we both peeled off at the Lochaline single track turning. The driver in front was now a bit more cautious than I liked but he/she peeled off to the right at the fish farm, before you climb the hill. Well it was just me and the sheep and more worryingly the deer, I booted the Skoda within safe limits but it was still a buzz, relying on headlights and good judgement the biggest scare was sheep in the middle of the road on a corner, braking hard the abs was on and I took to the verge with one set of wheels. The verge was kindly, not rocky, so no tyre issues. I arrived at 20.24 in Lochaline, and after peoples welcoming my wife's phone went with my message from the ferry !! I had beaten my phone message !! Pics are from local walks and my B in Law playing guitar in the Lochaline hotel.

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