First tour of 18 days on and 9 days off which includes two travel days. No time off in 18 days, except to watch some morning rugby, where we played well but lost to the old enemy. Surprisingly I got used to the work cycle, working weekends well what else was I to do? well could have taken some more pictures, these sunsets were from the same place on different nights, luckily I had transport so could chase the sun to the west when it looked promising. I have to say I have about 20 really good shots and was well pleased with the results. Aurora Borealis next, some of the guys have already tried and have good shots but not the sky lit up with stunning shots. I hope to take my EOS 550 up and try HD movies of the northern lights. The Island is stunning and you can just about stick your camera lens anywhere and get a good shot. I attended (as a member) the Shetlands bird club meeting on rare species in the UK given by the chairman of the UK committee on accepting breeding of rare birds. It was well attended, and I was struck , yet again, by the community spirit in the Shetlands, the venue was the Islesburgh hall, it had about 12 rooms all occupied, from folk singing, looked like crib playing, to creative stitching, that was  just one night, amazing. I will not describe the project right now as it would all be defaming, suffice to say how to make a simple construction project complicated, have the oil and gas industry as a client.

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  1. November 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    shetlands local knowledge.having travelled down to lerwick, to pick up a few nic nacs for the lab, i decided to make good on advice from local concrete delivery man (robbie,son of para handy,morrison ),and try out the pierhead inn in voe ,also advised by materialsman.what a delight to find a wonderful pub with character and characters and a view to live for. i will definetly return, but for tonite it will be taxi to the brae inn,8 miles distant to celebrate the life of my late mother in- law.

    • Ian November 5, 2011 at 6:46 pm

      Go for it, but there’s the random drink and drug testing on site. My sympathies to you, Moira and Gareth.

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