On leave from the Shetlands, the mist at home lifted, the sun came out and I wheezed up Kinnoul hill in Perth. Heard long tailed tits with blues and greats, a pair of jays and a buzzard. Saw ravens,  longtailed tits, jackdaws and a peregrine that obligingly went into a stoop over Barnshill and disappeared from my view. Meanwhile I was snapping with my panasonic DMC FZ7 and my Canon EOS 550 D, you can see the comparison above, the canon shots are on top and the brighter less real shots are the panasonics below. The canon camera to my mind produces the real light and colours, the f stops and the shutter speeds are similar to both cameras on a p setting, but what a difference, note on the landscape pic the canon picks out the Lomond hills where the panasonic does not. could be unfair to compare a panasonic 7Mpixel against a DSLR 18 Mpixel, but you would have thought the reproduction of the scene would have been similar in colour with the panasonic  lacking in detail. I am surprised, and need DSL to explain.

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  1. January 9, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    There is a marked difference between the images from the two cameras. Optics will have something to do with it but my guess is that the different processors (Canon vs Panasonic) are producing hugely different results. I am guessing that you didn’t shoot these in RAW and you are therefore relying on the in-camera processors to produce the jpeg. Some people revel in highly saturated images i.e. they like strong colours. The Panasonic processor here is trying to please by producing over-saturated images. You probably wouldn’t notice until you compare it to other images like your 550D. In my opinion the 550D produces a much more naturally coloured image, and I suspect you think the same. I shoot everything in RAW so my ‘out of the camera’ files are completely unprocessed. I take the files into CS5 where I have total control over how the image is processed. If you shoot jpeg there are certain aspects of the image processing that become locked (mainly white balance) so your post processing abilities are limited.
    The finer detail in the Canon image will be down to the better processor and to some extent the higher number of pixels. Did you use a tripod? Some say that this is essential for landscape shooting.
    I hope all this makes sense.
    I’m glad you are enjoying the 550D, it’s a great piece of kit.

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