I will post about the Shetlands project separately, I want to give you a flavour of the island from a brief respite of time off. On a Sunday I dropped the guys off and took the pool car for a drive in the reduced daylight we get up here. First I was obliged to watch a boring GP from India, kinda glad its going to Sky sports next year as I don't subscribe, therefore the link of "must watch" will be broken. Going from Sella Ness (home) I stopped at a community woodland walk by an old quarry before you reach Brae, there was plenty of fieldfares and a few blackbirds about, I also put up a red grouse while climbing / wheezing to the small hill top. It did give me a view to Sullom Voe, a nice mix of countryside and industry, you can see a tanker at the pier loading oil. I loaded air and slithered downhill chasing the last prisms of a fading rainbow. The wee waterfall had to be photographed just as a challenge,  if I waited for sunlight on the fall I would need to be there in April I guess, if I last in the Shetlands I will re-visit. That done and just midday I bought a pork pie from the coop in Brae and crumbed the interior of the new hired Renault estate, I do like the keyless system but I don't like the car's engine or layout, the controls and the sat nav dominating the dash, too fiddly. One of my colleagues who is keen on photography had suggested Esha Ness  for photogenic scenes. I stopped at the top of the Watch Hill and headed over the wind cropped moor to the sea, this area is by no means the most sea / land dramatic area but given limited daylight it was my choice. The stacks are called the Runk, and the triple jagged peaks rising from the sea are the Dronga on the right and the Isle of Westerhouse on the left with the middle one unnamed on the OS map, perhaps I could name it ? From memory one of the pics has a property in the distance, Zoar, its on the market for £20k, one of my other colleagues pointed this out to me, and he is also an ex falconer and re-told the story of a female merlin "annoying" a hooded crow, on site, then pursuing a fieldfare straight into his office cabin, the merlin missed the cabins but the fieldfare did not, the dead fieldfare was hand flung away from the cabins and the merlin returned and picked up the prey. I rarely see Merlins in Perthshire but have seen several here, how I will ever get a pic of them in this wind? they are dashing enough.

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