Dec 27th by Ian under Miscellaneous

Tags: Nae tags again! This incense is under threat according to news i heard, the Boswellia Sacra tree produces incense when tapped like a rubber tree. It grows in north East Africa, Yemen and Oman. Cited causes of decline are climate change, over tapping and over grazing. From Yellow taxi, " well you don't know what you've got till its gone", and Elton " its sad. so sad, its a sad sad situation"  its all in the songs but we don't learn from them or any other medium. Been trying to get the Science magazine that has an article on the plight of sea birds, heh seems we are over fishing the oceans, who will eat the last sea caught white fish, in a supper? we have had 17 conferences of the parties (COPs) on climate change, many more than i had thought, so where are we on controlling harmful emissions? I would say deadlocked. A flickering light of hope from a Danish Candle? well I'm sceptical about that now, where to turn? no leadership, single malt and a single fish sir?

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