When you see a crowd of photographers around a celeb or person notorious, you see/hear many £k's worth of cameras on multishot or continuous shot. I just wondered about the number of photos now taken daily in the  digital age? Most phones have cameras, ipods, tablets all take photos. Lets have an estimate just to get a number, lets say a quarter of the population have a means to take a photo, 7 billion/ 4 = 1.75 billion and they take a photo at least once per week, that's 91 billion annually, and for a range say once per day that's 638.75 billion annually!! That is a staggering amount of photos, to take, to review, to select. Those of us who do exactly that, take, review and select,  will be cursing the luck of  the photographer of the dragonfly above, taken on Arran in October 2011, with as CH says "a diddy camera". Well I have stuck various cameras at dragonflys and to me this is a beauty, it just shows you what you can achieve if the light and camera settings are right. My Wife was ushered in to admire this pic and was so taken by the wing pattern that it will no doubt cost me plenty in art materials to "do something" with the design. She is presently knitting, hasn't done that for years!! Now worried.

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