Its not that often you can see the land so clearly flying into Scatsta, however flying in on the 15th Nov I had the right seat and the right weather. What you are seeing is the west coast of the island from dropping through the cloud just south of Brae to land at Scatsta. These are not remarkable photographs but what I wanted to bring your attention to was the isolation of farmhouses and the tracks that can lead to good birding spots. But is this isolation part or wholly the reason for the community spirit that exists where er ye wander? Flying into Aberdeen on the 29th nov with a clear view of the aero engine and wing  and therefore not photogenic, the contrast struck me, between the two communities, one essentially living from the sea and land and the other living  on the land. Aberdeen represented society, successful in growth, all those other capitalistic features that mean success. I saw the contrast  and the contrast depressed me, an over crowded planet, depending on growth through fossil fuel. I could birds eye view the houses, the infrastructure, the factories, the abundance of us. It was my birthday and I reflected on 61 years on this planet. Not to get anywhere near my years was Alex Strachan, a Scot working in the south as a materials engineer for AMEC, the text message on my phone was addressed to "to whom it may concern"  and it it did concern me to find out Alex had died, my thoughts are with his family and those of us statistically as fragile.

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  1. December 20, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    i recently returned from Sumburgh airport to Dyce airport during windy conditions.All was ok on taking off,indeed it was suprisingly clear, which was good as i was keeping an aeronaut`s eye open for the recently spotted humpback whale off Sumburgh head(no joy there).Anyway on we flew rapidly until the LANDING!.The descent was bumpy to say the least as it was very gusty at Dyce , so down we went with a bump. Hurray!one wheel on terra firma and still getting flung about.BUMP! TWO wheels down, hooray!but at an angle so we skidded about a bit with full reverse thrust until slowing down,HOO BLOODY RAY!On reflection it was quite exciting but not at the time,so lets rename the airport from Dyce to Dicey 🙂

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