Apr 11th by Ian under Miscellaneous

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In Shetland we live in an purpose built accommodation block, a polecat has been seen by various people who have reported the sightings to me of a polecat living underneath our new building. One sighting was of the polecat dragging a rabbit underneath the building. My Brother found a dead polecat on the road near our Sella Ness camp, On the Sunday equinox I was delayed as I forgot to forward my alarm, so on exiting the camp 1 hour late my brother had a surprise in the van, a dead polecat. We put the polecat back near where it had met its demise on the road near the camp. That short drive in a small van was very persuasive that a polecat stinks, not of death,  just stinks, mixture of cat's piss and fox, not recommended. Ariel photo show the multicoloured camp with Shetlands highest hill beyond.

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