Apr 12th by Ian under Bird Watching

Flew back from Shetland on the 10th at 12.15 pm and was watching a sitting tight Osprey by 4.30pm. No sign of a mate, but there must be as she/he would not be sitting tight. Scanned around the the other large trees for other osprey eyries but as ever none visible, will have to have the luck to see other ospreys landing with fish to locate what I feel sure must be there, other eyries. Next day I was on station about 10.30 am and she was sitting and he was doing his sentinel from the highest tree nearby. Knowing this situation could remain for hours if she had already been fed, I went big tree scanning again, chiffchaffs were giving it plenty in the warm sunshine, as was a song thrush, a buzzard objected strongly to me being around then went quiet after a loud mewing flight over my head. I returned after an hour, I had heard the Osprey calling for fish as the air was very still, so was glad to see he had vacated the sentinel post and presumably was off fishing. He was, he returned with a largish flat fish and stood nearby the eyrie and began eating at the head, he only had a couple of bites when she came of the nest cup, he immediately flew to the eyrie rim and disentangled the flat fish form his talon and she was off with it to a fence post and remained there for 40 mins and ate the flesh of the whole fish. He was seemingly content on the eggs and she flew back to his sentinel post and stayed there. I wanted to see how the cross over from male to female would happen but she was happy to stay perched in the sunshine. during this long watch when cloud cover diminished the heat haze I noted he has a ring on his left leg and she has no rings. I believe I am watching the same female Osprey as last year, this is a new male as last year the male had no rings. I am of course confident I am not mixing up the sexes. In flower noticed lady's smock, dog violet, lesser celandine, dead nettle, primroses, dandelion and cherry trees. Greylags and Pinkfeet still around.

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