Apr 21st by Ian under Bird Watching

Picture of this years Male osprey clearly showing a ring on left leg and clutching a flatfish, taken on Osprey diary 2012, 1 but I thought the camera didn't work as the batteries gave out during the shot. This week, Ospreys doing nought but being alert, I was there a few days  ago and just as I pitched up the female rose off the eyrie and the male soon joined her. My first thought was human interference, and not me, but scanning around there was nobody. They both settled again and I spotted the culprit, a third Osprey flying low downriver. My other pics from this week are a Fallow Stag and Shelduck. The Fallow was giving a bellow now and then, I could not hear it but the posture was obvious, he has a damaged right antler and I wondered how that could have happened when another Stag appeared, thought I was in for some action but the beasts were content in each others company, there is a much smaller white fallow around, similar to the one I saw two years ago, white as a sheep. Missing from the Shelduck pic is another male to the left, being kept at a distance by the male in the pic. Both males were extending their necks and whistling, however I could not hear due to a song thrush giving it max  from a tree nearby. Chiffchaffs been here for more than a week, still only seen a solitary swallow, no geese evident in skeins or on the estuary. When the shelduck landed some 200m away so did oyster catchers, so I was treated to a great piping display which I could definitely hear!

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