Dad suggested that we do an "easy munro" on Saturday (19-5-12) and take my wee 9 month old Jackadoodle pup Oreo. I agreed as I was keen for Oreo to achieve mountainous heights and test her resolve; being half poodle, a pup and a bit spoiled I did wonder if I would have to carry her at some points. I also want to climb Ben Nevis again later in the year with Oreo and thought it would be good training. Well she made me proud despite chasing a lamb beside Loch Turret earlier and with the odd frustratated whimper Oreo fought her way through and over heather 3 times the height of her. Dad also had to fight his way through bushy heather, having lankier legs and being half Dad's age I had an easier time of it. After the heather battle it was the summit slog; I say slog but the views were brilliant, with the weather on our side. I think I was just a bit hungry and wanted to get to the top and munch on my "surprise" of roast lamb. I agree with Dad that it is a fairly easy munro in the terms of steepness of climb (the steepest bit being at the heather battle) but its quite a walk in and the route we ended taking back made me use muscles I've not used for a while. Overall the climb up is fairly easy. Anyway as we grew closer to the top and inevitable cairn it got colder and windier. I stopped to put my jacket on and put Oreo's wee jacket on too, as I did this I broke out the Soreen and tore of pieces for Oreo while Dad and I munched chunks of our own. Oreo loves Soreen, well don't we all and it helped us boost up to the top. We found what little shelter there was in the shadow of the cairn, which looks as if it used to be more of a rock igloo at some point in its existence. In the chilling, strong wind we ate the lamb, sandwiches, tomatoes and a nicely spicy raw chillie! Wee Oreo ate as much as wee did almost but was suffering from the cold more than us. I tucked her in my jacket to give her a bit of warmth as we ate but as she was damp underneath the wind must have been uncomfortable for her. After taking some rushed pictures and getting a second wind after our munch we decided to descend (see the ice on the post, snow and cairn shots below). As I alluded to earlier in this post we took a different route down and in the process skirted another peak, I found it quite difficult to walk along the hill as walking at an angle uses different muscles as your legs and ankles twist and slip. Also by this point the weather had turned as it so often does and we were enjoying an icy cold drizzle. It turned out that we should have just braved the other peak (it may have been an easier walk anyway) because as we emerged over a crest to finally get a view of our destination we found ourself at the brink of a rather dangerous sheer drop. It could have been a different story with heavy fog but thankfully there wasn't and we walked the edge before finding a point to go down. With all the twisting and flexing my boots were beginning to really hurt my feet and I was wishing I'd worn thicker socks. Any time we stopped for a drink, a breath or a photo Oreo would voice her displeasure. She was obviously cold and wanted the comfort of a warm lap to sleep on, I fed her some more Soreen to keep her strength up. We got back to a proper path and had a gentle/blissful stroll back to the car passing some "geo-cachers" looking for hidden treasures. Although not a bird watcher its always cool to see birds of prey; a red kite (quite close too), a peregrine and the ubiquitous buzzard. Overall I think Dad is right it isn't the hardest Munro I've ever done but I don't think its the easiest either! At least now I can call the dog MunrOreo. I took a few half descent pics on the way but still have to read up on how to "really" use the Canon EOS, see below:

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