May 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

Observations over a couple of days but mainly 22/5/12. They have chick or chicks by now, she was feeding them tiny morsels of fish, but they are too small to see their heads over the nest cup. I am intimating plural as she seemed to feed to two places in the nest cup. I did see earlier the tree sparrow nesting in the same place in the eyrie. Also discovered a Jays nest nearly above my head, a gas gun scarer caused them to bemoan the noise. I had heard a Jay call before just above my head and was surprised to not see a Jay fly off, that's because it was juveniles calling. I stand there to watch for marsh harriers so I think I may have to alter my position to allow the parents to feed, well I off to the Shetlands for my last trip on the 24th so they will have fledged on my return. We have had swifts here for the past week, think that's early, there was 6 of them flying around the village gardens this morning at 8.00am. Harriers not obliging at all today, but I may have picked up another untagged female's nest within 1km of the one I am sure off, still not seen a male marsh harrier, even highly polygynous ones need to feed their females!! The belated May sun is bringing out the butterflies and other insects, I have not seen any skippers yet, but peacocks, small tortoiseshell and small whites are around, in bloom that I recognise, speedwell, forgetmenot, lesser celandine, dog violet, garlic mustard, dead nettle, sow thistle, cranesbill, lesser stitchwort. And wood avens pointed out to me by a knowledgeable companion, who is welcome to add to my wild flower recognition if she stops falling over after climbing gates!!

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