May 20th by Ian under Bird Watching

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No, not the last choice on most peoples list,  just perhaps my last. I have to say from the warmth of a libation it was enjoyable, I suggested to my son we do a munro and take his new dog, a cross between a poodle and a jack russell. he said good idea, today 19/5/12 was set as the day, weather to be good, the Munro was an easy one, well I should say easier, because leaving the track alongside Loch Turret at loch Uaine was a bit of a fuss, one the wee dog tried to leap over the rank deep heather and struggled and I just struggled. I had forgotten the distance from the bealach to the summit, boy it was cold on the summit, got there about 11.00 from a 7.00 start, and wolfed down roast lamb slices and ham and  mustard sanies and soreen loaf, and got away from the persistent draining sapping cold. We returned at my suggestion on the west side via the wrong side of Meall Na seide, back in the car by 2.00. anyway I thought a list of birds seen or heard along the loch and on the hill would mark the day; cuckoo, oyster catcher, curlew, meadow pipit, pied wagtail, common sandpiper, twite, ring ouzel, red kite, buzzard, peregrine, raven, canada goose, mallard, widgeon, common gull, red grouse, willow warbler, wheatear, stonechat, wren. and non bird stuff, common lizard, a primrose growing within rank heather, grass of parnasuss, quite at lot when you get your eye in, I was looking at my feet quite a lot !! very pale dog violet in patches. A fox barking, not the usual fox bark/yelp, but I know most common bird calls and although Ravens (and all crows) make numerous noises this to me was a mammal. And of course hares now in summer coats.

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