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Jun 24th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

I returned from Shetland on the 14th of June and grabbed my scope and was eager to see how many chicks the Ospreys had, as suspected they have two, now out of the fluffy stage and quite large. Later, on the 23rd and 24th of June I got caught up unexpectedly in Marsh harrier watching with others who are more expert in there detection and behaviour. The purpose was to confirm the nest sites for the chicks to be wing tagged and ringed, as you you may have read in a previous post I had determined I had found a…

Jun 19th by Ian under Bird Watching, Materials and Construction

Tags: Nae tags again!

I am particularly fond of the Oyster Catcher picture, I spotted it when a colleague was driving and vowed to return when I could. That is the problem with a straight 18 day work cycle, getting away. Camp grub stops at eight and if you are lucky you will land in camp at 6.30 pm with a vehicle to get out somewhere. I have to say you do not need to travel far in the Shetland isles¬† to find favourable spots for;¬† pictures, quietness and peace, birding and all three combined are usual . I found the…
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