Jul 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

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Glad I call this post osprey diary, for if it were harrier diary it would be bereft of observations, I spent 5 hours in three sessions hoping to see our young male harrier in flight, not only did i not see him but I failed to see any harrier, either hunting or parked up preening. However not 5 hours wasted as it was 5 hours communing with the countryside, I did spot a spotted flycatcher uprightly perched just behind me, where has that bird been all year? also I had 20 or so black tailed godwits, never had them on this part of the estuary before. The Ospreys are always guaranteed to be around in their short visit with us, a juv was on the eyrie, adult was sentinel nearby, and later juvs were spotted (well they are with small white splashes on their brown plumage) in and about the river. Never seen the family together this year after fledging, , it can happen at low tide if they have a fish and are content to share it. My watching this weekend was all at mid to high tide. Saw some skipper butterflies but impossible to photograph in the long grass and high wind, not seen many butterflies this year, plenty of snails and slugs though. This high wind on wet grass will yet confound farmers trying to get in silage, for once I feel for them.

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