Jings you have to pick parts of the day to get some clear weather, Sunday 1st July am was brilliant and luckily I chose it for my Osprey watch. Saturday it rained all day and I was on the other end of a vacuum cleaner, we had builders in. Sunday pm it clouded over and eventually rained, but I managed to cut the over-long grass. So, Ospreys have two, now large chicks, its amazing how quickly they grow, both the chicks  now have BTO rings care of the Tayside ringing group, and I predict that one will be air born next week. Osprey watch turned into harrier watch as the Tayside ringing group were approaching a harrier site I was watching with intent to wing tag and ring the single juv, I only found this out as I met up with HB who was guiding them in. This I have never witnessed, if you can imagine trying to pin point a metre diameter nest platform in bunch of uniform 2m tall dense reeds it is not as simple as putting your scope on the area and just waiting as you know the nest is within that "sight patch". You have to lead the ringer to the nest, not near the nest, but to the nest, I have been involved in ringing and the biggest consideration is "do not disturb the birds" more than is necessary.  Tramping around 10m away from a nest trying to find it is disturbance. Consideration has to be given to reed growth from first locating the nest in late April, as the small locally patches of new growth that pin point a nest in April may not be the same in July. So it takes hours of observation to confirm nest locations and much organisation to steer ringers in with two way radios and a very clever arrow on a mast that sticks up above the reeds that with radio communication leads the ringers in. I have to say I was impressed this team have got it sussed. Minimal disturbance single chick given the wing tags and leg rings and gone in an hour. This particular nest (one of the few successful) had food deliveries at 2 hour intervals. a photo of the chick may come my way and hopefully I will see it on the wing before migration.

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