Like I stated last week you need to choose your weather window, Saturday was just foul, rained all day, I mean all day. Made F1 qualifying interesting at Silverstone, I wonder where that name comes from, does it have a geological link? so Sunday dawned dry and clear, I know as I went to the loo, I was however out on station looking for Marsh harrier movement by 8.30, having snapped the whole osprey family on the eyrie before that. However today (up to F1 and tennis) was to be devoted to the harriers whose single chick was ringed and tagged last week. 8.30 to 10.00 was a blank, then i picked up a female marsh harrier who scouted over near the nest site and landed in a tree that I had seen her use before, caught her in binos then the scope, she spent 10mins doing nothing, then 30 mins on feather care and took off hunting, what a pleasure to watch this bird for 10 mins hunting over the reed beds and then the adjoining  woods where she disappeared in them. I searched up and down with the scope but she had gone, I was concerned about the newly ringed adorned chick as if not fully feathered and Saturday's weather being so foul, if not brooded could have been left (got to hunt, by female) to get wet, then chilled, then death. Seeing the female gave me no comfort regarding the chick, as she did not visit the nest with food, this chick  is about a fortnight behind the ospreys so should be well feathered but not ready to fledge, binoing around I then pick up a flying juvenile marsh harrier who maybe has no wing tags but is around the nest location, where did she/he come from? caught in the scope for just a few seconds, very frustrating. As ever more questions than answers, and a first for me, bearded tits, a pair, long tailed and very pale brown.

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