The osprey juvs are now on the wing, the eyrie was empty when I went today Sunday 15th July, except an adult was sentinel on the top of a nearby tree. I did spot two ospreys in the air later and one, much later, was having a lazy hour on a small tree on the other side of the estuary. Another successful brood from a well established eyrie. I was really out to see what the marsh harrier situation was,¬† I was on station at 8.30 am and luckily by the back of 9.00am the male arrived with food, a dead bird, and went straight to the nest site. I say luckily as you can observe for 2 hours and see nowt, as I did later. so the nest site was confirmed with a juv getting fed, that was what I wanted to see/confirm. Another observer had a similar observation of¬† food dropped off at the nest on Saturday. I did see both male and female harriers hunting locally to the nest, and had good long observations of them, particularly the male, who earlier in the season was "elsewhere",¬† it is just brilliant to watch harriers hunting. It was strangely quiet of birdsong, just the occasional wren and he/she didn't finish the song, no chiffchaff, who has been singing incessantly since mid april, no whitethroat, no blackcap, no song thrush, no jays, no chip chip from a G.S. woodpecker, even curlews in flight were quiet. The chinese reckon birds and animals will leave an area just before an earthquake !! mmm did not see a deer, fox, hare or rabbit......... The pics are of an Osprey with a very large fish (for an Osprey) pictured near St Fillians by a colleague, who pointed and pressed his brand new camera and got this dusky atmospheric shot. How good are point and press digital cameras? the other pic is the juv male marsh harrier I hope to spot on the wing soon.  

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