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In the Scottish news you can hardly not hear of this old women's murder in her own home in a cottage near Forteviot from the ongoing trial. I happen to pass the very property where this took place and it brings it home to you that murder can and does happen near to you. But in this little rustic row of cottages next to a B road surrounded by fields of crops, why was this old woman not allowed to see her life functionally finished by the normal methods of ageing? Because the scene is near you and therefore real and close it brings about questions that neighbours of such assaults all over the UK must ask, why, who, what for? (unless they know already) No doubt some questions will be answered in court and many not, I want to know who murdered this old woman and why, thisĀ  more than other similar murders committed daily. just because the scene is known to me. Strange old world.

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  1. Ian August 16, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    I heard on the radio the first summary of the defence statement, well it appears the accused was at the house on the day of the murder/death, he entered the house to find this old woman on the floor with towels over her head, he lifted the towels she said “david,david” (her son) He (the accused)did nothing and said he thought he would be blamed and left and had a normal day thereafter. Why did he not try to save the old womans life??. says he panicked, an ex special policeman panicked??

    • ThePath August 17, 2012 at 11:43 pm

      I havent been following this story. My questions would be:

      1. Why was the accused at the house.
      2. Given his training as a special police officer, why did he not firtsly attempt to save her by performing first aid and secondly calling it in immediately via a 999 call.
      3. Why did he just lift the towels….I mean really why. If he was panicked as he says he was then surely that panick would be there from the get go….why would you lift the towels in that state of mind.

      Smells fishy

      • Ian August 19, 2012 at 5:20 pm

        yeh, doesn’t stack up, and lets say he knows court procedure for whatever of life’s experience, why does he think what he is addressing to the jury would seem credible? either he did it an did not cover his tracks, or he phoned Jenny’s son and was told to beat it.
        Whatever what kind of person could leave an old lady to die, he has already incriminated himself as a dodgy geezer.

  2. Ian August 20, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    dodgy geezer got 22 years, jury were in the majority and did not take long to decide. Why the towels? could he not leave till she was dead, could he not face the brutality of what he had done? and the part of lifting the towels and she said “David,David” was the truth. But he lifted the towels to make sure she was dead, and she wasn’t. Did he just wait, thinking of his best plausible story to concoct. He did make a point of behaving normally for the rest of the day. We are a violent species.

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