Our fortnights slot in Lochaline'sĀ  normal holiday abode was occupied by mainly the three stalwarts (of this fortnight) myself, my wife and the cook we bring (my wife's cousin), Derek and Moira made a second short visit for the first 3/4 days as the time spent up there can just be called "chill out" and we all need that. Well the weather was brilliant, probably the best we have had in some 20 odd years of visiting, one day of complete rain another soon after half filled with drizzle and showers and the rest mostly blazing sunshine, too hot for the midges, a blessing indeed. I wont describe all the fantastic meals we had or the embarrassing amount of bottles that went to the bottle bank, but they were mainly olive oil bottles, aye right, the purpose of the post is really to share the photos with the rest of the family who know the retreat from encounters previous. As you browse the photos you can see just how bright the sunshine was, my particular fav is, has to be, the sea eagle in calendar form, soaring in that characteristic barn door style, we were all walking on a forest track and in a clearing from behind trees soars this majestic Scottish sight, no cries, nothing, if we hadn't looked up or were walking downhill, the moment may have passed. I am not going to pin point the spot as a juvenile was also present and the trees are large enough forĀ  an eyrie. The porpoises were very good value and present on most days close to the shore, the other pleasing pics are of the three stags trapped in the Lochaline deer fence enclosure! boy is their rutting season going to be poor as there appear to be no hinds around (within the enclosure). Within this trapped zone are two 12 pointers and a 14 pointer, two Royals and and a Imperial, I am no shot but I could have killed anyone of those stags with the correct rifle, see them looking at me, from my camera, 15/20 metres away a head shot would have been easy, I was told the correct shot was through the neck, presumably to preserve the skull and antlers together!

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  1. ThePath August 15, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Well there are some cracking shots there. Have to say that the robin is far better as a photo than the sea eagle and is infact my favourite. I like the shot of the notifiables too, puts them in a new light.

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