Aug 19th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Why all the butterflies? well I snapped a small tortoiseshell today  and I thought why just one pic stick in some more. One Osprey adult and one juv still around today the 19/8/12, the adult was on sentinel position and a juv arrived to a perch near the eyrie within about 15 minutes calling/crying for food. The adult preened, seemingly impervious to the constant demands, I could hear the calls due to the air stillness and the direction of what wind there was. This went on for 15mins and  was ongoing, I was anxious to scan the estuary for harriers although I was not expectant as they should have migrated. Appears they have. Heard calls from a half hearted  willow warbler and a chiffchaff, swallows and martins still around, swifts well gone, but the observation of the week was a peregrine adult in Perth's town centre. I heard it and stood still ordering my wife to do the same, "listen" I said "what eh" came the reply, that is a peregrine calling I said, and as we looked up around St John's Kirk at about 7.00 pm a young man pointed out to us the perched falcon on the kirk and gave us a potted history of the peregrine in Perth. Well lets face it, man made cliffs from the old buildings and pigeons breeding everywhere and all year, perfect combination. Made my evening and the Italian food and beer backed it up.

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