I bought a photograph slide to digital picture converter from one of my fav shops, Maplin, never got round to using it and took it on holiday to Lochaline as you always have rainy days up there that promote indoor tasks. Well I forgot to take the software and the works laptop would probably not have allowed it's loading. Anyway it set a point of disappointment and resolve, and the slides I took to Lochaline I discovered on digitising them at home were not the collection of middle east bird slides at all that I expected. On searching for the bird slides I discovered a forgotten box just bigger than A4 full of slides. So some of these now digitised slides are memory lane for me as working in Liberia in 1979 it was my first "real" expat project and third world culture shock experience. Anyway here are the pics and I will explain some of them. Well African skies, sunsets through tropical forest, lightning forking across the night sky. Let me explain the deer and the dog, the camp for this part of an 80 km road was in the bush, carved out, levelled and cabins put in. The contractor was Italian and competent, some of the Italians had their wifes accompanying  them and the deer was supposedly an orphan from a bush hunt and this nice young Italian woman was presented with the deer to keep and rear, well the deer lived long enough to effect the lady so much that when it died within weeks she was beside herself. Well one evening, I remember it well enough, McCluskey and I (expat with the contractor) with two other expats in the rubber industry got well drunk and when swaying back to to someone's villa we encountered a sleeping dog with a sleeping pup in a driveway to a house, it was black 'o' clock and the pup was at my feet and the mother was some meters away. With a deft scoop I had the pup and repelled the growling mother with a look probably, and made off with the pup, named flea bag in the morning as it was louping. Well after some washes it was suggested that madam may like to take over it's care in a replacement deer kind of way, and here's where my drunken plan backfired, she had had enough emotional trauma and refused the ownership of flea bag. Well who was responsible for this whole melee, well me, the dog was mine and slept out side my door and was my companion through the day, that dog was smart and cute, and stayed under my table at grub time where he got fed. Eventually he became the camp dog and everybody fed him. And to finish with a happy ending madam did accept him into her fold when I left, well before I left as I wanted to see him sorted. As I work through the box of slides I may have a more adult picture of "flea bag"

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  1. ThePath September 16, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    Dog thief! Cute pup though.

    Mmmmm deer. I have a whole roe deer currently in my shed but about to go into the freezer.

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