The recent news of the Italian government jailing 6 earthquake geologists (seismologists?) for 6 years each struck me as the law going mad. Given the unpredictability of earthquakes these unfortunate scientists fell foul of "daft" Italian law. So these scientists are banged up for causing the deaths of 300 people as they did not give out proper warnings given the beforehand tremors. So assuming these geologists were government paid and responsible for ? what will the remaining geologists do? yes of course every tremor will be followed by a life threatening quake. And after every life threatening quake that does not happen? cry wolf, cannot believe these scientists. Well if you can end up in jail for 6 years for getting an unpredictable natural event wrong what would you do?  well not study geology and work for the government or in the prediction science. I have not come across any evidence as I don't read newspapers if the real cause of death was addressed in that a 6.2 richter scale earthquake caused most of the buildings to crumble, should not the Italian law process be pursuing building regulations? This act of jailing scientists is counter productive in many ways even if the law is satisfied.

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