Two days ago Daniele Canarelli a French psychiatrist was given a years suspended sentence, what was her crime? well one of her patients committed murder, using an axe on his grandmothers 80 year old partner. The son of the murdered man took out a court action against Canarelli after the murder happened in 2009. Joel Gaillard had been under treatment by Canarelli for 4 years and had a type of paranoid schizophrenia and a history that would match such a person. So what's by beef or boeuf ? well I think this carries the pursuit of negligence too far, and in the courts view it is all nice and retrospective and all the pieces of the jigsaw are there to fit together. I am also concerned he did not murder someone unknown to him and randomly, but presumably someone he knew, so why is it not straight forward murder? How can you "prove" Gaillard had diminished responsibility at the time? I have no professional interest in the law but some items of law in the news grabs my attention, and the law must take it's pursuit through the courts without consideration of consequences, so France be prepared to keep under supervision more "disturbed" citizens as the risk profile of not doing so has increased for French psychiatrists.

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