For those of you who knew John, a materials engineer in various guises since a young man, he died yesterday or early this morning suddenly in the Philippines where I believe he had a claims consultant business. John was a hopeless technician but a good engineer, always interested in the contract and contractual relationships, he was one of the first of the Perth/Dundee materials engineers to gain a OU degree, mainly in systems. That opened up a career in quality assurance for John and because he had a degree more opportunities abroad often fulfilling a joint role of QA and materials engineering. John like me would have been in his early 60's he leaves behind two children and two ex wifes, certainly one, Hermione who remained in contact with John after divorce and like us will miss him.

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  1. June 18, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Both myself and my wife fiona (paterson) worked with john during the 80’s and 90’s saddened by the news of his death does anyone have more details on what happened c.

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