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First post in a long while.  Forgive me if I make a hash of it! My wife and I took a run to Caerlaverock Wetland Centre on Sunday 17 February 2013.  The weather was terrific, particularly for the time of year.  Warm sunshine all day, just lovely.  It was our first visit to Caerlaverock and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We should have made the trip long before we did.  There was plenty bird activity in and around the Whooper Pond.  We arrived in time for the 11am feeding of the swans - what a blast that is! There was not much to see from Avenue Tower or Saltcoat Merse Observatory, unless that is, you had a huge lens or powerful binoculars!  We enjoyed the walk out to these places though.  We contented ourselves with the activity in the Whooper Pond and the hedgerows close it to. We met Bob Fitzsimmons, a local photographer and very much enjoyed the chat we had with him.  We also 'borrowed' his prime location for some of the shots we took - thanks Bob! (Link here: www.bobfitzsimmonsphotography.co.uk). We spent 4 hours at the Centre and then headed home, promising ourselves we would visit again. Here are just some of the shots we came home with:

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