1/4/13 spurred by the news that Lady had returned to Loch of the Lowes and anotherĀ  female had got there before her, I had to go see if my pair had returned. One look at the grassy mound that was the nest cup told the story, I did search the air and trees nearby but no Osprey to be seen. The tide was out and very low and trees usually submerged were available for Osprey perches, nae luck, however plenty of cormorants, sheldduck, a few teal, gooseander, oyster catchers a pair copulating no less. weather was cold in the slight east wind, hills snow covered. a bit of warmth in the non persisting sun does presage spring, bring it on. I heard a spokeswoman for Loch of the Lowes describing the learned behaviour of Ospreys increasing by magnitudes due to the web cams, 24/7 observation and satellite tagging, well I wish they would share it as I have asked them, should do a picture and text diary every year and sell it, it's a no brainer. I'm off to the Shetlands on the 3rd, back on the 5th so I am confident on the 6th I will have Ospreys to blog about before I head of to Devon on the 8th.

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