5th April and an Osprey at the eyrie, the female from the amount of brown across the chest. Doing nothing, waiting. The grass mound in the eyrie untouched, is she waiting for the male and bonding before "excavating" the nest cup of it's grass dome? went on harrier watch and saw no harriers, that's normal. 6th April no Osprey at the eyrie, that's because two of them were on a navigation pole in the river, paired up, the male looks much smaller than last years, surely will get to see his legs for rings later, if in fact he is not ousted by the proper partner in the next few days. After 2 hours of harrier watch looked in on the ospreys and she was only in evidence and desultorily scraping the grass dome, weather was calm and fine for fishing so I guess she should not have been hungry. Certainly was not grass removing with any conviction, a bit like me throughout the summer! Two hours of harrier watching gave me two minutes of the same male putting down sticks in two separate nest places, this is a great observation as I may have the potential nest site or sites for these polygamous birds, well worth the two hours watching herons, shelduck , gooseander, oyster catcher, teal, cormorant, swans and 6 for all the world domestic white geese wtf  as they enunciate on social sites! If you don't cut the primary feathers of one wing of your precious domestic birds then they can fly. No they were not snow geese before you ask.  

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