Had a travel fiesta this week to Shetlands where our UKAS lab was having its annual appraisal, as the UKAS technical manager for the company it was a good excuse to travel. My car being 500miles away in Devon  I was going to travel by bus (with my pass) and stay overnight in Aberdeen (the district of) and catch the flight to Sumburgh in the morning. Too complicated. I used the train to get to Dyce by 9.00am, a taxi to the airport to check in by 9.15, fly to Sumburgh, bus to the Sella Ness camp (now fully occupied with most rooms shared by allegedly now 800 souls), van to the SGP, Van to the pub after the first UKAS audit, van to the Busta Hotel by a person sober. And the reverse, missing the pub, except I was to return to Perth by Bus rather than train, but the UKAS inspector had a car, was passing Broxden roundabout and gave me a lift to the park and ride. The real purpose of the post is too alert you to the Busta house hotel near Brae, I knew of  its  food reputation and as the Sella Ness camp was full of "lads" and I had to book a hotel so my stomach led the way as it does physically and the hotel was full of charm and just just the best food. If I return and I hope too, I'm going to book the Busta, rooms are a tad expensive but the food..... PS the church spires from the platform 2 picture are; on the left  St john's Kirk and the taller is St Matthew's in Tay street, needless to say I had to look them up!

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