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Jun 30th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

31/6/13, been a fortnight since I observed the osprey's nest, still two youngsters but how they have grown! chicks are nearly the size of the parents. I got there early about 6.30 am and the female was sentinel by the eyrie edge and the chicks heads were sometimes seen, the male was gone, out fish winning. I got bored watching this as I always imagine the out of sight harriers are food exchanging and revealing their nest sites. Tempted I moved and saw no harriers for an hour, when a female with two yellow wing tags appeared…

Jun 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

I was at home on 15th and 16th of June, but garden work, real garden work, not the one armed stuff I am more familiar with, that is wandering around with a glass of whisky in my hand occasionally plucking out a weed with the other. Consequently on Sunday the 16th I had a few hours watching the Ospreys and Harriers. These spot checks either have luck or not for getting¬†useful ¬†observations, this was a non luck spot check, the ospreys do have two chicks though, the male was not around in the time I was there, and I guess…

Jun 2nd by Ian under Bird Watching

I had predicted the Ospreys would have chicks for the weekend 25/26 May and I was right, just caught at 8.00 am the last feeding of a chick or chicks. Hopefully next visit in mid June will reveal the head count. Spent more time looking for harriers than at the Osprey eyrie, and I got not a single sighting, these birds should have young chicks on my next visit home so should see some food passes if they are still there. Not a sign of the "may" flowers on hawthorn, but the gean trees were flowering the paths with floral…
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