I had predicted the Ospreys would have chicks for the weekend 25/26 May and I was right, just caught at 8.00 am the last feeding of a chick or chicks. Hopefully next visit in mid June will reveal the head count. Spent more time looking for harriers than at the Osprey eyrie, and I got not a single sighting, these birds should have young chicks on my next visit home so should see some food passes if they are still there. Not a sign of the "may" flowers on hawthorn, but the gean trees were flowering the paths with floral confetti, as well as the usual warlbers of chiffchaff, willow and sedge I heard a whitethroat in it's annual spot and a blackcap which was deterimined that I should not see it and I never did. Devon has a rich hedgerow/verge flora and many I don't recognise so having conquered Alexanders I have a few more to identify, well I don't exactly do that I just photo them and use more experienced people to tell me what they are or could be as my pictures may have missed if the stem is ridged, hairy etc or what the basal leaves look like, but at least with plants you can readily see them, unlike skulking warblers.

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